Podcast with 3D Virtual Reality Scientist, Jürgen Schulze


Last month we called for your questions for Dr. Jürgen Schulze, research scientist working with 3D Virtual Environments and 4K Digital Cinema Technology.  We brought those questions to Jürgen earlier this month. Below is a series of podcast chapters from our discussion. Find out how the arts and science are working together to develop new creative forms of expression.  Enjoy!

part1Part 1 – (5:27) Jürgen talks about how, as a kid, he became interested in computer programming and  the development of computer technology from words to video to 3D experiences.

part2Part 2 – (4:18) Calit2 and CRCA – creating open “spaces” that encourage cross pollination between Science and the Arts.

part3Part 3 – (7:44) Using the StarCAVE’s virtual environment to explore new ways of interacting with art and entertainment.

part4Part 4 – (5:00) The “home” as a new frontier in developing the “language” of interactive art and entertainment.

part5Part 5 – (3:35) Applying technology to the philosophical or conceptual – an opportunity for collaboration between artists and scientists? Also, will virtual reality become as fluid to us as the mouse?

part6Part 6 – (5:18) The holodeck… a possibility? What would it take to actually build one and is the StarCAVE the beginning of that kind of environment?

part7Part 7 – (7:08) Developing a broad knowledge of different disciplines and cultivating life experience makes a successful multi-media scientist and artist.

part8Part 8 – (2:12) Maya and 3D Studio Max for graphics vs. the “game engine” that ties it all together.

part9Part 9 – (3:59) On his experience in choosing the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth for his M.S. in Computer Science.

Part 10 - 4K digital cinema and high speed fiber optic networks, the Cinegrid project, and digital archiving of culture. (COMING SOON).

———————– UNEDITED VIDEO of the STARCAVE ————————-

———————————– RELATED LINKS ————————————

Jürgen Schulze Homepage:  www.calit2.net/~jschulze

Calit2: www.calit2.net

Gallery at Calit2:  gallery.calit2.net/portal

CRCA (Center for Research in Computing and the Arts) at Calit2:  crca.ucsd.edu

Wendy Richmond “Overheard” installation at Calit2: www.wendyrichmond.com/art_Overheard

“Atlas In Silico” virtual reality installation:  www.atlasinsilico.net

“Scalable City” Project:  crca.ucsd.edu/sheldon/scalable

CineGrid: www.cinegrid.org




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