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NEIGHBORHOOD EARTH: Artistic Expression Lives Forever

By Leila Valoura

Artistic Expression Lives Forever…

Hello, BridgeThinkers. I recently returned from Sweden and now I am back to the US. I had a precious year of experience and studies in Europe. I learned a lot being close to so many different cultures and I am really happy to have embarked on this challenging journey. But just when I arrived to the US I was faced with a loss… A good friend of mine from LA had passed away while I was traveling back. Lee Minh Sloca was a young and very active artist who used a great sense of humor and intelligence in his poems, paintings and collages. I met Lee at the LA Idealist Network, a group of friends interested in creating a positive impact on community through social change. Together we connected with people and organizations who wanted to make a positive difference in Los Angeles either volunteering or organizing events and discussions about arts and social change.

Lee’s loss made me think of the eternity and beauty of the arts. Specifically, that this friend is still present in our world through the artistic expression and inspiration he left for us. At his wake, while hearing his poetry recited by friends and family and seeing his paintings and collages displayed on easels and on a computer screen, I felt at peace and assured that my friend and all of us will live forever through our expression… let’s keep EXPRESSING every day of our LIVES.

As an homage and inspiration, I’d like to share one poem by my friend Lee Minh Sloca. Please find “Poetry Junkie” HERE.

Other poems by Lee Minh Sloca below:

Be Gentle, Verse, And Not a Curse

I Think I Can I Think I Can, Have A Fat Chance with Maya

Where the Black Puddings Grow!

Only If

A Declaration of an Average White Rice Picker – Stately Constituted – from the Pigeon Body Language


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