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Global Dialogue with Lucas Zanotto of FilmTecknarna

by Don Burton

We’re fielding comments and questions for director and motion graphics artist, Lucas Zanotto of FilmTecknarna, the Stockholm & NY based design company known for fusing live action, 2D and 3D animation.  Lucas will be sitting down to record a podcast with us on Thursday 8/19 at 10 am EST.

If you’d like to ask Lucas a question leave a comment or question below or on our Twitter: @bridgethink or Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/BridgeThink/310942806763

We’ll ID anyone who’s comment we include in the podcast.

Zanotto started his career as a product and graphic designer before moving into motion graphics and directing. He fuses hand drawn and stop-action animation with digital motion graphics to produce a simple yet beautiful blend of whimsy and gravity. Please check out his work here: http://www.filmtecknarna.se/directors/work/?director=29

Looking forward to bringing YOUR questions to Lucas!



  1. Questions for Lucas:

    Hej Lucas,
    Your piece “Scherenschnitt” brought to mind the work of South African “Fine Artist” William Kentridge. Do you know his work? His are very obviously political pieces, and usually designed for galleries or other fine art venues. Can you see your self moving into a the role of fine artist (or perhaps back and forth between artist and designer).

    It says here that you started out as a graphic designer (in “static, non-animated work I assume). … In the pieces I see on the Filmtecknarna site, they often seem almost like works showing the process of coming up with a final, static, graphic design (most obviously, but not only, in the “Kauflote” piece). I’m not sure if I have a question here, but perhaps does your process of design (going back to your graphic work) inform the look, flow, and ultimately, final-product of your film pieces. …(apologies for this convoluted question).


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