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    • CommentAuthorleilakaas
    • CommentTimeFeb 3rd 2010 edited
    Hi, BridgeThinkers!

    I received this info from The Communication Initiative Network and I thought it could be of interest to you. Bridges between the US, Scandinavia and other places. Check this out.


    -New Directions in Entertainment-Education

    This is a collaborative research project between researchers at Roskilde University, Denmark, and Ohio University, USA aiming to review and discuss 'the known story' of entertainment-education (E-E), including reviewing both its theory and its practice, identifying recent critique of the field, and providing options for further theoretical developments and an improved practice in the pursuit of tackling contemporary development challenges. This project is embedded in broader institutional collaboration between ØRECOMM and Ohio University’s ComDev programme.

    For more information, contact Thomas Tufte at or Rafael Obregón at

    -Media, Empowerment and Democracy in East Africa (MEDIeA)

    MEDIeA is a 2009-2012 collaborative research programme between Denmark, Kenya, and Tanzania. Its overall objective is to explore the potential role of civil society-driven media and communication technologies in enhancing participatory governance processes in East Africa, particularly in Kenya and Tanzania. The programme is hosted by ØRECOMM at RUC's Department of Communication, Business and Information Technologies.

    For more information, see the MEDIeA website:
    Contact Thomas Tufte at

    -Art for Social Change: Public Memory and Conflict Transformation

    This project explores the conceptual and spatial strategies of a range of memorial projects and sites, focusing on the potential of the various projects and monuments to involve the public in a continuous engagement with the past and the present. Additionally, work addresses issues of memory, dream, and social transformation in selected television fiction drama series.

    For more information, contact Anders Hög Hansen at

    -Fiction's Truth: Fiction as a Means of Exploration and a Vehicle for Social Change

    Fiction's Truth is a 3-year project of 'artistic research', supported by the Swedish Research Council, examining and comparing the role of (mainly literary) fiction in the transitional processes of the last decades in South Africa and Argentina. The project discusses fiction and its claim on truth in relation to journalism and academic writing, seeking to identify literary and fictional strategies that consciously transgress the genre boundaries, in a deliberate attempt to achieve and communicate a deeper understanding of reality.

    For more information, contact Oscar Hemer at

    *ØRECOMM, the Consortium for Communication and Glocal Change, is an international research group that originated at Malmö University (MAH) and Roskilde University (RUC) for research in the field of Communication for Development and Social Change. ØRECOMM focuses on the relations between media, communication, and social change processes at both global and local levels. ØRECOMM explicitly recognises and seeks to explore and understand the interconnectedness between change processes in the Øresund region - a geographical and economic region comprising Southern Sweden and Eastern Denmark, where MAH and RUC are located - and in the world at large.
    For more information, see the ØRECOMM website:
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