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    • CommentAuthorleilakaas
    • CommentTimeFeb 20th 2010

    From The Communication Initiative Network
    Where communication and media are central to social and economic development:

    - COMMENTS RELATED TO "Can we put a value on the good that media do? A social cost approach to media development" by James Deane
    "I think James' article has it exactly right - too often donors move onto the next best thing, forgetting that you don't know what you've got until you've lost it. This also manifests itself in the continual repeated funding for equipment for radio stations, but an almost complete lack of investment in local technician training or service contracts to maintain the equipment..."
    MORE AT:

    - COMMENTS RELATED TO "Digital Technologies: Development Added Value?" by Warren Feek

    "...It is likely that professional information of development needs to be shared much, much better with the IT world. I also suspect that practitioners will have to build their own body of knowledge to determine what is most useful and what is not. Would be appreciative of those who are finding answers and where and how applications have been used successfully. I believe framing this information and being able to build knowledge through use of best Web 2.0 applications has capacity for redefining 'sustainability.'"
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