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    • CommentAuthorleilakaas
    • CommentTimeMar 21st 2010

    13. Johannesburg Youth Orchestra Company (JYOC) - South Africa
    JYOC brings diverse communities together through group music-making with the hope of building bridges between children and young people. Children and youth from any community are welcome to audition for placement in one of 8 graded orchestras, which perform over 40 public concerts annually. JYOC also mentors and trains student teachers, offering music skills development and instrument repair/making workshops, and creating employment opportunities for young adult musicians. Participating young musicians have access to the JYOC's instrument library, allowing young people the opportunity to learn an instrument they may not be able to afford to buy.
    Contact: OR

    14. Performing Life - Bolivia
    Performing Life (PL) is a nonprofit organisation designed to reach youth aged 5 to 19 who are working and/or living on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia. One part of this work involves training youth to produce a series of professional music CD albums as a vehicle for self-expression and to boost self-esteem. The young participants exercise creative control over and retain the copyrights to all their materials. PL's mobile recording set-up enables them to incorporate other groups, such as those in youth homes who cannot come to the studio. The youth learn how to write and read as they compose their lyrics and learn new computer skills as they edit their songs. They also have an opportunity to perform, be part of media interviews, and - it is hoped - to be seen as worthwhile, creative individuals with stories and abilities.
    Contact: Suzanne Jamison

    15. Fundamental Quality and Equity Levels (FQEL) Project - Guinea
    Initiated by the Education Development Centre (EDC) with funding from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), this school reform project is intended to improve literacy instruction by providing teacher training and by using strategies such as the use of song and storytelling that encourage reading for pleasure and personal writing. FQEL's radio component is designed to enable students to hear people other than their teacher speaking French. The programmes include conversations between young characters as well as songs which, according to FQEL staff, have proven very popular among the children, given Guinea's rich musical tradition. Organisers say that the programmes have been effective in developing oral comprehension and production skills and in introducing basic French vocabulary.

    16. Using Global Media to Reach Youth: The 2002 MTV Staying Alive Campaign
    by Cynthia Waszak Geary, Hally Mahler, William R. Finger, and Kathleen Henry Shears
    This December 2005 report explores MTV Network International's 2002 Staying Alive campaign, which was designed to stimulate interpersonal communications about HIV/AIDS and to shape social norms. Organisers used multiple formats, including 7 public service announcements (PSAs), a show called "Clinton Uncut" (featuring then-President Bill Clinton), the Staying Alive website, and live music concerts that integrated HIV education and youth interviews. Evaluators found that the campaign had broad reach in 3 sites surveyed: Dakar (Senegal), Kathmandu (Nepal), and São Paulo (Brazil). It resulted in significantly more interpersonal communication on the subject of HIV/AIDS. Attitude change was also detected; for example, for the HIV prevention beliefs scale, a positive relationship existed with both exposure and interpersonal communication in Kathmandu and São Paulo.
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